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arch ?= x86_64
kernel := build/kernel-$(arch).bin
iso := build/os-$(arch).iso
target ?= $(arch)-unknown-linux-gnu
rust_os := target/$(target)/debug/libmahdi_os.a
linker_script = src/arch/$(arch)/linker.ld
grub_cfg = src/arch/$(arch)/grub.cfg
assembly_source_files = $(wildcard src/arch/$(arch)/*.asm)
assembly_object_files = $(patsubst src/arch/$(arch)/%.asm, build/arch/$(arch)/%.o, $(assembly_source_files))
.PHONY: all clean run iso
all: $(kernel)
@rm -r build
run: $(iso)
@qemu-system-x86_64 -curses -cdrom $(iso)
iso: $(iso)
$(iso): $(kernel) $(grub_cfg)
@mkdir -p build/isofiles/boot/grub
@cp $(kernel) build/isofiles/boot/kernel.bin
@cp $(grub_cfg) build/isofiles/boot/grub
@grub-mkrescue -o $(iso) build/isofiles -d /usr/lib/grub/i386-pc 2> /dev/null
@rm -r build/isofiles
$(kernel): cargo $(rust_os) $(assembly_object_files) $(linker_script)
@ld -n --gc-sections -T $(linker_script) -o $(kernel) \
$(assembly_object_files) $(rust_os)
@cargo build --target $(target)
build/arch/$(arch)/%.o: src/arch/$(arch)/%.asm
@mkdir -p $(shell dirname $@)
@nasm -felf64 $< -o $@